What is a DMS (Car Dealer Management System)?

Car Dealer Management System

Consumers are taking to the internet like never before. Everyone needs greater convenience and efficiency when it comes to purchase or resale of the vehicle. Before stepping into the showroom or place for visiting the vehicle, they would like to have all information of the vehicle in their tips of tech devices. By keeping this in mind, we should design a car dealer management Website system that gives full functionality and offers maximum information about the vehicles to the customer as well as dealers.

Must have Features:

Responsive web design

A website should be responsive and must be attractive. As a result, customers spend more time on the website to know about the vehicles.

Home Page

The home page should have the following basic details, which helps a lot to reach and get customer details to follow up:

  • Contact number 
  • Location and address on google maps
  • Opening Hours
  • Email address or Contact form

Landing pages

Many of the dealer websites lack following on their websites:

  • Vehicle Inquiry forms
  • Plenty of images
  • Automated Stock feeds is import and export


The website should clearly define the categories of the vehicles like following:

  • New Vehicles
  • Used Vehicles
  • Certified Vehicles

Easy search by keyword, name or by category, filters, and comparison of the car inventory

Most importantly, the website should give flexibility to the customer in terms of search, filtering and comparing of the inventory.


Moreover, Photos of the vehicle that should cover the interior and exterior aspects of the vehicle are also necessary.


Recent data say that videos of the vehicles are making the greater impact on sales.


We must allow the customer to write a review and rate the vehicle which helps other buyers in terms of pro and cons of the vehicle

Questions and answers

Above all, Questions regarding vehicles and other like price must be listed

Image optimization and details of the vehicle

Most noteworthy, customers must be able to optimize the images and can see the complete details of the vehicle.

Services and auto parts

The website should provide services related vehicle like parts change and its timings.


In this digital world, enabling SEO is must for any website. This brings up in the user search for vehicles.

Secured credit application

Even more, we must give an option of credit apply to the customer by submitting details.

CMS Pages

Various CMS pages covering the different business aspects should be included

Social media integration

Certainly, Social media integration helps to reach out to a large number of customers and that results in leads or inquiry about the product


Holding certifications for extraordinary service will add an advantage. Even more, it gives good credibility to the customer about dealers and other services

Inventory imports and exports

A real time inventory helps the customer in knowing which vehicles are available and updates owner in knowing different following statuses like:

  • Visit Scheduled,
  • Secondly, token received,
  • Booked,
  • Finally, Sold.

Leads or CRM

The website must allow the customer to post free classifieds that helps in knowing customer interests and others. Certainly, this will help to get the customer interests about vehicle purchase.

Web Analytics

Analytics on the website regarding a particular vehicle gives some sort of data and information to the customers


Hence, a Car Dealership Website Development can add many more features which makes it advanced and offers the services to the customer in a unique way. Most importantly, it provides more information and also helps to know the customer needs regarding the vehicle and other details.

Furthermore, recent studies say that customer impression makes a great impact, while online vehicle sales are increasing. Thus, dealers should design their website like a “customer-centric” to gain major advantage over their competitors.

Hope you got proper information on car dealer management system. If you still have any queries, get it solved by clicking here.

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